Revealing the first details of the 2024 Trackmania esports circuit

We’re excited to announce that the new 2024 competitive season on Trackmania is officially kicking off. With a revamped format, the Trackmania World Tour will allow amateur and professional players as well as, for the first time, community tournament organizers, to take part and play an active role in shaping the storylines of the season.

Co-organized with our new partner Toornament, the Trackmania World Tour 2024 will include a regular season where players will compete for points which, at the end of the season, will determine if they qualify to the Finals. The Finals will include playoffs, followed by a World Cup. During the World Cup, the community will have the opportunity to watch the best Trackmania players in the world compete for the title and a share of the 18,000€ total prizepool. More details on the Finals will be shared at a later date.

Here’s everything you need to know on the Trackmania World Tour 2024 Regular Season!

Season 2024 will run from March to September.

This year, the Trackmania World Tour and the qualification for the season Finals, will be based on a Global Point System and the players’ placement on the World Ranking.

To grab points, players will participate in 1vs1vs1vs1 offline and online homologated tournaments.

This is where community tournament organizers have an exciting new opportunity to contribute to the emergence of future champions. By getting their tournaments homologated, they will be able to distribute points to participants, which will affect their placement on the World Ranking.

Depending on their scope and size, the tournaments will be divided into 3 categories, which will determine the number of points that are up for grabs:

  • Major Tournament – up to 2000 points for the winner
  • Grand Tournament – up to 1000 points for the winner
  • Challenger Tournament – up to 500 points for the winner

In addition to the community-organized tournaments, Ubisoft will set up 6 monthly cups from April to September. The first one will be organized on April 28th. More details will be given shortly, stay tuned.

Starting now, details about the 2024 regular season can be found on the new competition platform Organizers can already start registering to get a license to organize tournaments and start their homologation process, while players can register and check out various opportunities to compete and earn points. This season, tournaments organizers have the possibility to use official tracks available in the Trackmania World Tour ingame Club to create their events.

More information on the 2024 activities and Season Finals will be communicated throughout the season. Follow the latest news on, on and on Discord:

We wish you all a great 2024 competitive season on Trackmania!