Karmine Corp – bren and Otaaaq are the Trackmania 2023 World Champions

We have new Trackmania World Champions: bren & Otaaaq from Karmine Corp! They won the first ever World Championship played in duo mode! The French team never stopped gaining momentum throughout the entire tournament. Karmine Corp defeated G1 in their first game in Group B (4-1), but then lost against Alliance (2-4). Therefore, bren and Otaaaq qualified for the Playoffs as seed 2, facing Wylde in quarterfinals, a match they won 4-2.

The Blue Wall reached the semifinals, where they had to face ITB, still undefeated at this point, who created the surprise by beating Solary the day before. Karmine Corp beat the odds and manage to earn their spot in the Grand Final in a dramatic match ending on G-Force, defeating ITB on a 4-3 score, after countless of twists and overtime.

From that point on, KC seamed unstoppable. bren and Otaaaq both manage to showcase a massive performance in the Grand Final to defeat the 5-time World Champion CarlJr. and the 2016 king Pac from Solary. In this Grand Final, bren beat a total of 3 world records, and surely played the very best match of his long career on Trackmania. Otaaaq confirmed he is the new Trackmania rising star, winning the Trackmania World Championship on his second attempt, just like CarlJr. 10 years earlier and Pac in 2016.

Both bren and Otaaaq now enter in the very prestigious Trackmania World Champions club, joining SuperCarlouf (2006), XeNoGeaR (2007), frostBeule (2008), Bergie (2010), hakkiJunior (2011), Spam (2012), CarlJr. (2013-14-15-21-22), Pac (2016) and Kappa (2018). bren and Otaaaq are the first French players winning the World Championship in 17 years, after the crowning of SuperCarlouf in 2006.

The MVP title goes to Otaaaq, for his incredible performance during the entirety of these World Championship Playoffs. After ending his journey in the Grand Final last year, he has now done it.

Solary (CarlJr.-Pac) takes the silver medal while Into The Breach (Affi-mime) and Alliance (Mudda-Soulja) share the 3rd and 4th places. BIG (Granady-Massa) and Wylde (Stufts-Whizzy) are 5-6th, while Gamers First (Binkss-Gwen) and Split (Epos-Razii) are 7-8th.

In case you missed anything, all matches of the Trackmania World Championship 2023 are now available on our YouTube channel Trackmania World Tour.

This World Championship concludes the Trackmania World Tour 2023. We would like to thank our partners Kaporal, Alienware and AMD for their trust and support throughout this journey and making this event a success. Many thanks to all organizations as well, the players, the viewers and every Trackmania Esports enjoyers for your unbelievable support.