Is Pac the man to beat in the Winter 2021 Final?

Pac was undoubtedly one of the strongest men of this Winter 2021 regular season. He may not have won the season, but the statistics speak for themselves. 13 map wins (36%), 24 podiums (67%) and 13 flying laps… He was the fastest man on tracks in this regular season.

The Englishman will be one of the players to follow for The Final. In Fall 2020’s final Pac was able to win the two first rounds of the event and qualified himself very quickly into the Final 6. He finally finished the Fall 2020 edition at the 3rd place. In 2019, the MNM player already finished 3rd in the Beta Season. Before The Final, we asked him a few questions.

You were very dominant this season. Did you change your approach since the last season?

The only change was the training, I focused more on not having risky lines and just getting my pace as fast as possible and relying on my lines being fast but knowing I couldn’t crash often.

You were eliminated in the Final 4 last season, do you think you can reach the Final 2 and maybe win this TMGL edition?

With the new format it helps me more I think, winning 2 maps is obviously hard at that point but I think I can do it!

You won all the 5 maps which will be played in the Final. Is this the dream mappack for you?

I do like the mappack a lot, on some maps I think I’m on a level par with others so I can’t be overly confident, but I’m very happy to see Slalom and Frozen Fridges.

Thanks to his 2nd place in the regular season, Pac will be able to pick the 3rd map of the Final 9 phase. As a reminder, The Final will take place on March 14th from 7 PM CET live on Twitch!