Step 6 – CarlJr wins the regular season!

CarlJr is the Winter 2021 regular season winner! The Canadian led the season from start to finish and will face 8 other players in the Final on March 14th!

CarlJr already won the Beta regular season in 2019 and is now the Winter 2021 regular season champion. The Solary player finished the season with a new step win and 369 points in the bag. Pac failed in overtaking CarlJr in the general standings. The MNM athlete lost his step points on map 5 & 6 but he finished the season in a comfortable 2nd place.

It was much more uncertain below with small point gaps before the start of the last stage. Aurel (128 points), Affi (116) and Mudda (102) managed to keep their spot in the overall top 8 and all three players are qualified for the Final! As for Gwen, he had a strong step with 51 points and 2 maps wins. Thanks to this performance, the young Frenchman climbed to the 4th place with 126 points!

It was extremely tight for the last two qualifying spots. Bren was already in the top 8 before the last step and managed to keep his 7th place despite a scary moment in the very last identity of the regular season where he lost his step points. The Karmine Corp player is qualified with 89 points just in front of his friend Papou!

Papou wrote one of the best stories in TMGL history! Only 13th in the general ranking before Step 6, the GamersOrigin player scored 51 points this week which allowed him to take the 8th place with a total of 89 points! Spam (85 points) & Massa (82) finish the season outside of the top 8 by a few points only.

But this is not over yet for players from P9 to P16! Spam, Massa, Kappa, tween, riolu, Scrapie, evoN and link will take part in the Final Chance on March 13th which will allow the winner of this event to participate in The Final which will be played the next day.

The best is yet to come with the final phase of the competition! The Final Chance will take place on March 13th at 7 PM CET and The Final on March 14th at 7 PM CET.