Final Adjustments & Next Season Plans

Hi everyone,

Today we decided to tell you more about the format changes that are incoming in the near future. In this article, our goal will be first to give you an update about the competitive format and then announcing when each change will be implemented in the Trackmania Grand League circuit.


We’ve lived each step as any spectator with passion and through many different emotions during the past 3 seasons supporting players on each Sunday. While the Champions mode had many positive aspects, we shared and acknowledged the difficult aspect of it, which led us to spend a lot of time searching and designing a better-suited format to use in the Trackmania Grand League.

We feel ready to present you on a global scale the modifications the Trackmania Grand League will both receive this season and in Fall 2021. Our primary goal is to provide the best competition to every actor taking part in the league whether you are a player or a spectator and to achieve that, we needed to settle some key objectives in which the Champion mode played its part until now. Both participating organizations and players have received a detailed presentation of an updated version of the Champions mode composed with a new Combo system which prevents any type of point-loss situation while fulfilling our key objectives.

In accordance with unanimous decisions from Trackmania Grand League players, we have decided to adopt the updated Champions mode for the Trackmania Grand League starting Fall 2021 which we will be happy to present after the upcoming World Cup in July.


As a young and innovative league, we are continuously looking to improve formats and the league in general at any time. The Final Chance is the result of a long-term discussion around the regular season. We truly believe that the Regular Season is the best place to decide which player should join « The Finals » and that is why 8 spots are decided through that. Though, we also think that there is still a place for one player who finished between the 9th to 16th position to provide an opportunity to all champions to shine with the engaging final format and keep one final hope as long as possible to go along with the intense training of each season.

That is why we created « The Final Chance » which will take place this season already and will be played by the players who finished between 9th and 16th position in the Regular Season. That series of matches will be played the day before « The Finals » on the 13th of March starting at 7 PM and will use the same format as « The Finals » with the winner of the Final 2 joining the 8 qualified players the day after with a disadvantage.

More details will be available in the updated rulebook.


We have seen a lot of diverse feedbacks concerning the Open Grand League regular season format and we share most of them, it is important for us to also give you an update about the changes we plan for this league. We will also rework the regular season format for the Fall 2021 season in correlation with the Trackmania Grand League changes and be more careful to make the Open Grand League the best place to compete and qualify for the Trackmania Grand League.

Furthermore, when we announced the complete rework for Combine, a lot of discussions were around the fact that TMGL and OGL players were not facing each other anymore, which could create some situation where an OGL player would promote while maybe being less competitive than the TMGL player getting relegated. That is why we also decided to take the decision to include a last match between the losers of TMGL 1v1 and the winners of OGL 1v1 under the same format starting the Fall 2021 season.

To conclude this article, know that it is important for us to share our vision with you, especially when we can see so much passion and support from each spectator every Sunday. Creating a weekly event that you can share with your families or friends and live those amazing races while sharing emotions supporting one or multiple players is how we will be able to make Trackmania Grand League a success.

Thanks and see you on track !