Step 2 – Another win for CarlJr!

CarlJr has claimed his second step win of the season. The Solary player now has an 82-point lead ahead of Pac.

The second Trackmania Grand League week looked quite the same for CarlJr who wins again and adds 78 points to his name. He is followed by Pac who was the fastest man on track this week but his 15th place on Picicle (the 4th map of the evening) cost him 17 points.

Great performance by Aurel who finished 3rd of the step with 41 points and takes the 3rd place in the general ranking. This stage went good as well for Affi (37 points), Bren (35 points) and Massa (35 points) who all made it into the top 8. tween also remains in the genral top 8 with 13 points scored in this step.

The night was much more complicated for Spam, Kappa and Mudda. Spam managed to win his first map of the season on the opening track, but he lost 24 points on the last map of the day. Kappa won a map as well, but the former TMGL Champion was out of the top 8 on the two last tracks. As for Mudda, he was very consistent during the first 5 tracks, but the Australian newcomer had a technical issue at the start of the 6th track which was restarted to wait for him. Sadly, Mudda finished last and lost 45 points. 

The third step of the season is coming on next Sunday (February 7th) at 8 PM. It might be a crucial stage for peoplewho still haven’t scored big points. Two new maps will be played: Frozen Fridges (by Heasto) and ToThePeak (by Firestorrm).

See you on Sunday for the 3rd step of the Trackmania Grand League Winter 2021!