How can you watch the TMGL?

This is a Trackmania Grand League tradition: each organization sets up its own livestream on Twitch. 16 different livestreams will be available for the TMGL Winter 2021 Edition in 3 different languages (English, French and German).

With 8 out 16 streams, French is the most widely used language. Sardoche is back behind the mic for a third consecutive season as a neutral cast. We are also incredibly happy to welcome two new talented French-speaking castmasters: Pacifae for Team BDS and Kiroko for Grizi Esport. There aren’t any changes for GamersOrigin (Lutti), GameWard (Nekrua), (Wingobear), KarmineCorp (Kameto) and Solary (Chap & Wakz).

7 livestreams are English language casts. The new team McLaren Shadow welcomes GGeek & Haydon. Edelweiss player on the last TMGL season, Yannex will cast in English language for the Swiss organization. Alliance (SinasAppel), MnM (Turbo), Nordavind DNB (Wirtual) and Team Secret (Scotsman) keep their Fall 2020 streamer onboard. Lazarus’ streamer is yet to be defined.

The last broadcast will be animated by TrilluXe & fELIXSAn for BIG. The German duo was already one of the most followed streams during the Fall 2020 Edition!

Support your favorite player!

The cheer system has evolved! Instead of typing “GO PLAYER NAME” in your favorite broadcast’s chat, you now can vote directly on this webpage. Voting will be open 5 minutes before the start of the Step and will be closed at the end of the race. Each cheer is counted in-game and players are ranked by a number of hearts next to their nickname based on the amount of votes. All players can see these hearts!