Everything you need to know about the TMGL Winter 2021 Edition

The new Trackmania Grand League season is starting at the end of this week! The 16 best Trackmania players will face each other for 6 weeks to try and reach the Final and have a chance to become the TMGL Winter 2021 champion! Here is all the information you need to know before the start of the season!

For the third consecutive season, the Trackmania Grand League regular phase will consist of 6 steps. There are no changes for the Champions mode which will be the gamemode used for the first part of the competition. Still 6 maps to be played on every Step with 3 different phases. The opening phase on the two first maps where every player will collect points, the semi phase on map 3 & 4 where players that finish from the 9th to 16th place lose half of their points gained on the previous maps, and the final phase where players that finish from the 9th to 16th place lose all their points gained on the previous maps.

Only the 8 best players from the regular season will take part in the Final. Players from 9th to 12th place will secure their spot for the next TMGL edition but the bottom 4 players will be at risk and only 2 of them will secure their spot. A brand-new phase named Head-to-head is coming this season to settle who will stay in the TMGL Circuit and who will step down to the Open Grand League. Find all the information about the TMGL in the official rulebook!

New season means new players & organizations

We are very happy to welcome two new players and two new organizations into the TMGL Winter 2021 Edition. Mudda dominated the Open Grand League Fall 2020 edition and is now part of the TMGL circuit. Mudda will play under the Edelweiss colors! link is the second newcomer and brings with him a new org: Grizi Esport. This is a 100% French partnership! link is a very experienced player who now makes his entry into the professional scene.  Additionally, TMGL Beta Season champion Kappa has joined McLaren Shadow!

Support your favorite player live on Twitch

Every organization is setting up its own livestream! 16 different Twitch channels will cover the Trackmania Grand League with 3 languages available (English, French, German). Cheering system is now available from a new internet page instead of the Twitch chat. Vote will be open 5 minutes before the start of each step and will be closed at the end of the step!