Trackmania Grand League

WELCOME TO THE TRACKMANIA GRAND LEAGUE SPRING 2022 SEASON! Grand League Spring 2022 is the second season of the 2021-2022 TMGL circuit.

16 players will compete for 6 weeks to earn a spot in the Final and claim the title of TMGL Spring 2022 Champion. Trackmania Grand League rules have been thoroughly revised with a brand-new format and 1v1v1v1 short matches! Find all details about the TMGL regulation in the rulebook.

Follow the competition through the different streams set up by your favorite team and support your Champion live on Twitch, each Sunday at 8:00 PM CE(S)T.

Try your chances with the Trackmania Grand League: Open and play the same tracks as your favorite players. 4 Open Qualifiers will take place on each Saturday from March 12th.

The Trackmania Grand League: Challenger is back with 16 very high-level players who will fight each other throughout the season and hope to climb up the ladder to join the next TMGL season! Challenger division will be played with the exact same format as the TMGL.

Have fun watching the Trackmania Grand League Spring 2022 and join the field with the Trackmania Grand League: Open!

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