Summer 2024: Update and changelog



  • added summer prestige skins
  • added screen skins with stunt colors (+ black arrow skins)
  • improved desert car lights textures


  • fixed vegetation placement on Water blocs
  • fixed UVMapping of Platform blocs to have better continuity of patterns (Grass and Ice )
  • fixed collision and UVmapping of RoadtechNarrowTiltLeft
  • fixed upside down decals on some RoadIceCheckpoint
  • fixed missing item placements on some DecoCliff blocs
  • fixed uncapped holes causing fall in sky in some configurations

Game modes and UIs


  • Added a new TM_Stunt MapType
  • Added a new button to create a Stunt track
  • Created Stunt Solo game mode
  • Added the ability to upload Royal and Stunt tracks in track upload activities
  • Added the ability to create Stunt club campaigns
  • Added a pop-up header for Stunt club campaigns
  • Added new music for the Stunt game mode
  • Added a 1×1 decal for Stunt campaigns
  • Added Stunt colors to map editor plugin
  • Displayed Personal Best ghost in Stunt Scores Table
  • Added images to the home page buttons and Solo/Live/Local navigation tabs to help discover new content


  • Adapted Stunt records and medals display in menus
  • Restricted the creation of Club Campaigns to Stunt or Race map types
  • Updated the text of the respawn helper for Stunt maps
  • Updated the ManiaView@3 script library to allow components to be created and used within the same file
  • Updated the summer campaign button images in the solo page
  • Forbid the creation of rooms with Stunt club campaigns


  • Fixed launched checkpoint respawn animation in Stunt