Trackmania World Cup 2024 at Paris Games Week

Mark your calendars! The Trackmania World Cup is returning to the Paris Games Week 2024 during the week of October 23 to 27. After 7 months of intense competition around the world and online, the 8 best Trackmania players will play on Paris Games Week main stage in front of thousands of spectators and fans.

The 8 finalists will receive travel and accommodation for Paris, where they will compete for the world title and a cash prize of €18,000.

To qualify for the Trackmania World Cup, players will have to go through either the Trackmania World Tour regular season, or Regional Major Tournaments.

The regular season ends on September 23rd, with the top 32 players advancing to the Playoffs.

This stage will be held online on October 5th and 6th, and will determine the 4 players who will qualify for the Trackmania World Cup.

The Regional Major Tournaments will be the other way to win its slot at the Trackmania World Cup. These tournaments will offer their winner a direct slot for the final in Paris without going through the Playoffs stage.

Since the beginning of the season, a few hundred participants from more than 40 nationalities have competed in the homologated tournaments and are ranked. Additional tournaments to earn points in the world ranking will be regularly announced and organized until the final weekend of the Trackmania World Tour regular season in September.

We extend our best wishes to all players for the remainder of the 2024 season. For the latest information, check out the Trackmania World Tour website at Trackmania Esports and follow us on Twitter.