Desert update: Update and changelog

  • added the Desert car!



  • added Diag Chicanes for RoadTech, RoadBump, RoadDirt, RoadIce
  • added DecoCliffs for Dirt
  • added big DecoCliff blocs
  • added Small PlatformLoop Starts
  • added Items and blocs GateGameplay Desert
  • added a new car paint colorshift shading for Desert, Rally, Snow cars
  • added WaterWall Blocs on Dirt and Ice Cliffs
  • added colorization to the sponsor trim of big DecoCliff blocs
  • added Small LoopStarts Curve3In & Curve2Out
  • added TrackWall DiagChicanes
  • added DecoWall blocs with the 3 different Cliffs
  • added random visual variants for Big Cliff blocs
  • added big DecoCliffs one bloc wide
  • added Theme DesertGateGameplay
  • added Lightspots on SnowGateGameplay
  • added PlatformXXXLoopStart1x2 Straight and CurveOut blocs
  • added LoopStart1x2Curve1In (for all platforms)
  • added WaterRampZoneStraight, CurveIn, CurveOut with Dirt, Ice, Grass Cliffs
  • added StructureSupport are now colorizable
  • completed Platform’s LoopStart1x2 Curves
  • added DecoWall LoopStart1x1 (and reorganised icons accordingly)
  • added RallyCastleRoadToOpen
  • added item DesertTrackBarrier
  • grouped all item barriers in one folder
  • added NPB variants for PlatformLoopStart 1X1 and 1X2
  • added DecoWall LoopStart 1×1 and 1×2 Curves
  • added 5 difficulty (White Green Blue Red Black) colored stripes skins for stage blocs.
  • added Big DecoCliff Diags
  • added Big Cliffs DiagOutSmall
  • added LoopStarts and Wall variants with sponsor decals


  • fixed broken Lightmap UVs on platforms’ Cliff material
  • fixed holes created by small LoopStarts
  • fixed PalmTreePlacement on PlatformDirtSlope2Start
  • fixed inverted Signs on SpecialGates
  • fixed missing geometry on RallyRoadDirtHigh To RoadDirt
  • fixed vegetation placement on DecoCliff CornerOut18m
  • fixed PlatformSpecials have their wood replaced by Cliff
  • fixed RallyRoadDirt have their wood replaced by Cliff
  • fixed lightmap problems on wood walls skinned into Cliff
  • fixed NPB retrocompatibility of StageTechnics Lights
  • fixed platform blocs pillars are now skinned with Cliff
  • fixed platform Specials decals
  • fixed TriggerFX of item GateFinish8m too big
  • fixed Roads Dirt and Ice penalty blocs transforming wood into cliff
  • fixed items and blocs Screen2x3 and 155 are no longer showing as skinnable when in bloc skin mode.
  • fixed UV offset on Item CheckpointGateCenter24m

Game modes and UIs


  • Added Spring 2024 tracks for the offline mode
  • Added Desert Car in the block helper messages in-game and the settings menu
  • Replaced the Rally Car by the Desert Car in the Home Page
  • Added Desert gates for gamepad editor


  • Updated the Utah’s flag
  • Improved the display behaviour of the start race menu in the campaign


  • Added missing club tag next to the MVP name in the Ranked mode live rankings UI
  • Fixed master sound volume translation in settings



  • Fixed car switch gates can cause massive boost
  • Fixed buggy cam7 switch during race
  • Fixed thumbnail of some blocks in map editor
  • Fixed analog decices not reaching 100% when smooth steering