Spring 2024: Update and changelog



  • Added CastleRoad Diag chicanes
  • Added low frequency _X2 textures on penalty surfaces (neutralized by default, can be modded to add large scale patterns like in TM²)


  • Fixed Map Editor Crash with RallyRoadDirtHighToLowUpCurve2Right in air mode
  • Fixed geometry in Screen2x1StraightSmall
  • Fixed items placement inverted on CastleWallDiagStraightX2
  • Fixed item Screen2x3Big not showing
  • Fixed missing NoPillarBellow variant on TechnicsLights
  • Fixed DecoPlatform Curve 4 & 5 Lods
  • Fixed missing ramp items placement on platform blocs
  • Fixed Platforms, DecoPlatforms, OpenRoads and OpenZones normals not continuous between blocs and lods (improved smooth,ess and popping)
  • Fixed UVs offset on some PlatformLoops
  • Fixed Racing Gates items trigger’s visual effect not corresponding the real trigger collision
  • Fixed Screen6x1 not skinnable
  • Fixed Large square pillar Item UVs
  • Fixed multiple water planes on some water blocs
  • Fixed gaps on RallyCastleWallArchX1
  • Fixed gap on RallyRoadDirtHighToLowUpStraightX2
  • Fixed Item Torch smoke source location
  • Fixed flying flags on CastleTower
  • Fixed lods of DecoPlatformCurve 4 & 5
  • Fixed item Torch Light location
  • Fixed missing faces of some Cliff blocs preview when “in hand”
  • Fixed symmetry not working for DecoHillSlope2ChicaneX2 Left & Right
  • Fixed texture mods on gate items.
  • Fixed alternate cars engine sound too loud.
  • Fixed numbers display on the Rallycar
  • Fixed Misaligned border on RoadTechNarrowTilt blocks
  • Fixed Combining WaterGrassRampRoadCurveOut and WaterGrassZoneCurve1Out can make a hole appear in LOD variant

Game Modes & UIs


  • Added a checkpoint counter UI in racing mode, displayable with a setting
  • Added premade track packs in local multiplayer modes
  • Added the day to TOTD buttons
  • Added current matches to the current events section
  • Added a new Medals tab in the Records UI allowing to spectate medals ghosts


  • Updated the link of the competition admin
  • Created a section “Text chat” in the settings
  • Modified the club certification badge icon


  • Fixed inability to delete the 4×1 decal asset in a club
  • Fixed multiple script crashes in Events page
  • Fixed the lack of sound in the “Create” menu page
  • Fixed wrong button in Create menu page when changing language
  • Fixed overlapping text in skin and replay browsers
  • Fixed counters resetting in the “Track Review” activity creation when adding an image
  • Fixed error message not disappearing in hotseat
  • Fixed Standard Access message displayed instead of Club Access
  • Fixed cropped text in COTD
  • Fixed a script crash in the record UI module
  • Fixed a navigation issue on the leaderboard in the Ranked lobby
  • Fixed the wood gameplay in the Royal base map
  • Fixed an error that occurred when joining a matchmaking server that took longer than usual to start
  • Fixed the wood gameplay in the Simple Editor base map
  • Fixed an issue where campaign pager buttons would not display correctly after changing the language



  • Fixed rallycar behaviour on custom ice
  • Fixed Camera switch becomes choppy when server has been running for too long
  • Fixed Item placement preview on rotated blocks in the map Editor