How does a Trackmania Formula E race work?

Get ready to discover a brand new Trackmania experience with the Formula E gamemode: a multilap race with energy management, evolving weather, and an Attack Mode that can be triggered during the race!

This new game mode is inspired by the real ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, with a qualifying session and a race on existing street circuits from the 2024 E-Prix season.

A Trackmania x Formula E event starts with a 15-minute qualifying session. Players must set the best flying lap time to qualify for the race and will be divided into divisions according to their qualifying performance. During this session, Attack Mode is disabled, and battery consumption is activated to allow players to calculate their lap consumption and prepare their race strategy.

A race is around 30 minutes long and strategy is key to perform well! Players need to pay attention to their battery level. The more they use the throttle, the more battery will be consumed. Releasing the acceleration button will save the battery.

Players also can trigger the Attack Mode, which will activate the Reactor Boost physics for 1 and a half minutes. Each player can trigger the Attack Mode twice during a race, whenever they want (except on lap 1), by driving through the dedicated Attack Mode aera.

Last but not least, weather can change at any time during the race with possible rain, which will change the cars behavior.

A 1000€ cash prize will be available for each of the 9 races of the season. The race winner will earn 600€, the runner-up 300€ and 100€ for the 3rd best player. Each race will also grant points for the 9-race championship. 1000€ will be awarded to the top 3 players of the season, with the same distribution as a race.

The rule book is also available there.

The Trackmania x Formula E game mode is available now in the Formula E in-game club with an introduction track named Training E-Prix. A test race will take place on Saturday March 23rd at 8 PM CET on this track, we count on you!

If you have any questions about this Formula E event, don’t hesitate to join the Trackmania Discord server:

See you on the grid!