Action Key experimentations on Snow and Rally cars

A new Action Key feature developed for the new Snow and Rally cars will be released as an experimentation with tomorrow’s update. For all new cars, the Action Key feature will now work as a re-range instead of a clamp for analog devices. The action key system will remain the same for the Stadium Car, which will not be affected by this update.

Also, we changed the minimum of sensitivity from 1.0 to 0.1 to improve precision, available for all cars. Each car has a dedicated sensitivity.

How do the new Action Keys work?

With Snow and Rally cars, if a player presses Action Key 3 button, they will have a 60% value as their maximum steering, instead of 100%. With AK 3 activated, a player with an analog device will hit the 60% steering value only if they fully push their joystick to its maximum distance.

If the player is using 50% of its joystick capacity with AK 3 enabled, they now will steer at 30% in game, instead of 50% before the update.

As said earlier, this only applies to the new cars. The Action Key system doesn’t change for the Stadium Car.

An experimental feature

This new Action Key system for Original cars is released as an experiment, which will last until the end of the Winter season. We might change or even rollback this new Action Key feature with the next updates.

Your feedback about this new Action Key system is welcomed on the official Trackmania Discord server. A dedicated channel will be created to give your feedback about this new feature.

Why this experiment?

As we explained on December 14th on Twitter, we want “to allow players to have better control of their cars and avoid high-end gaming devices being a requirement to perform well in Trackmania.”

With this update, Snow and Rally cars will be easier to control for all analog control devices’ players, on PC and consoles without any external software. Players will now have more control on their sensitivity and more precision with the Original cars, thanks to these in game tools, available on every platform.