World Championship 2023: Format and date updates

After a year filled with innovation, including the introduction of regionals and the exciting new 2v2 format, we are beyond excited to announce the long-awaited specifics of the World Championship 2023, the pinnacle tournament of the year.

Throughout this journey, our aim has been to foster an esports accessible to everyone and everywhere, elevate competitiveness, and deliver unparalleled excitement for players and viewers alike. Building upon the progress made thus far, we have meticulously designed formats that embody these principles and promise a great competition experience.

For a comprehensive overview, please refer to the recently updated version of the rulebook available here. The World Championship will consist of three stages.

Last Chance Qualifier

September 9th & 10th

This fully open tournament will feature the top 32 teams based on a seeding event held at the beginning of the competition. Following an intense weekend of competition, the two best teams will earn their spot in the Wildcard stage, joining the 30 already-qualified Teams from around the world.


September 17th to October 8th

We have completely reworked the Wildcard format to ensure that teams across all time zones can represent their countries and regions on the international stage. The previously utilized swiss-system, which posed challenges for APAC & NCSA teams, has been replaced with a GSL-like bracket featuring eight groups of four teams and a flexible schedule.

Following the conclusion of the Wildcard stage, the top eight teams will advance to the final step and earn the prestigious title of World Championship contenders. These teams will join the eight Grand League teams, setting the stage for an epic battle to determine the first-ever duo of World Champions.

The Draft

Additionally, for the first time in Trackmania, we are introducing a well-known system: the Draft. Recognizing the significance of track preferences and competition momentum in Trackmania, we believe that the draft will not only enhance seeding accuracy but also inject an extra layer of excitement into the competition.

World Championship

November 24th, 25th and 26th

We embarked on this remarkable journey that began with the Trackmania Grand League in 2019 and has expanded to the Trackmania World Tour. We owe a part our success to you—the fans, our partners, the players, and every Trackmania enthusiast who has contributed to the game’s enduring legacy as it approaches its 20th anniversary.

We understand the significance of physical events for everyone, including ourselves, and we are fully aware of your anticipation for an announcement in this regard. To give you an update on that matter, we are actively working on the event, and we will confirm if the event will be held physically or online early-August. Nevertheless, we recognize the importance of sharing the dates and formats in advance, and that is why we have already considered two possible scenarios in the rulebook.

We are incredibly excited about the upcoming World Championship and look forward to witnessing the remarkable skills and performances showcased by the teams. Stay tuned for further updates and mark your calendars for an unforgettable esports competition!

If you made it here, here’s the official track list for the 2023 World Championship:

Tubes, Edge, Cosmos, Tempest, Surf, Twisted, Valley, G-Force, Backflip, and Dive with the first track being released on July 19th at 5PM CEST.