Summer 2023 campaign out on July 1st for free!

Summer 2023 campaign is coming on July 1st at 5 PM CEST with 25 brand new tracks! The 13th seasonal campaign release will also mark the Trackmania 3-year anniversary!

The Summer 2023 campaign will be the 13th seasonal campaign in Trackmania. Starting on Saturday, July 1st at 5 PM CEST, discover 25 new tracks for free with Starter Access, playable in solo and multiplayer including the Ranked 3v3 gamemode.

A new season means 100 new medals and many trophies to earn, but also a fresh prestige skin with 4 different variations (bronze, silver, gold & author) to unlock according to your achievements! Beat the campaign and Track Of The Day’s medals to unlock this new evolutive Prestige skin.

New features and ice gameplay update

Alongside the campaign release comes a major update with a few changes in the game, such as a new campaign unlocking system to offer better progression to players.

Ice gameplay has also been improved, making it without slowdown and wiggles and slightly faster. In the PC track editor, players can enjoy new blocks and items. Accessibility has also been improved, such as the onboarding menu for new players launching the game for the first time.

The full changelog will be released with the July 1st update.

Three-year anniversary

Trackmania will celebrate its 3rd anniversary on July 1st! The year 2022-2023 has been fantastic for the brand, with the console release in May and over a million new players joining the Trackmania journey.

More than 300 blocks & items were added over the last 12 months, especially with the major “Show” update in late 2022. Prestige skins were introduced in January 2023 as well as voice chat.

Various events have left their mark on this third year of Trackmania, like the Green Game Jam, NEO-CUPRA, Ubisoft Club, and also the Trackmania World Tour launch! Numerous incredible community events (ZeratoR Trackmania Cup at Accor Hotel Arena, France, Arctic Gaming Experience in Norway, Trackadia in Germany…) and projects have taken place last year and many more are yet to come for this new year in Trackmania!

We thank you a lot for playing Trackmania and for sharing your enthusiasm!

We wish you a great summer season!



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