Alliance are the TMGL 2023 Stage 2 Champions!

Alliance won their first Trackmania Grand League trophy, beating Berlin International Gaming in the Grand Final.

What a journey for Alliance in the second TMGL stage of the year! Mudda and Soulja outperformed Solary in the Winner Bracket Final (4-1/1-4/1-0). The Swedish organization then beat BIG (1-0/4-1), event though they lost against them in the regular season.

This is the second TMGL gold medal for Mudda after his Spring 2022 win in solo mode. For Soulja, it is his first success in a major Trackmania World Tour tournament, for his second stage in TMGL!

Berlin International Gaming managed to secure the Stage 2′ silver medal. GranaDy and Massa dominated their Playoffs matches against Karmine Corp and Gamer’s First just before beating the reigning champions, Carljr and Pac from Solary! This second place is the new TMGL best result for both German players.

Losing against BIG in the lower bracket Final, Solary takes the 3rd place in this second stage of the year. Gamers First finishes 4th, SINNERS 5th and Karmine Corp 6th.

Stage 2 isn’t over yet for TMGL teams as the All-Stars Championship will take place on July 7th-8th against the top 4 TMCL teams and the best team from each region (APAC, EU, MEA, NCSA).  We also would like to thank Kaporal for their trust and their support for this Stage 2.

Alliance won the Stage 1 All-Stars Championship, can they keep their momentum to win a third tournament in a row?