Trackmania World Tour Stage 2 schedule

The Trackmania World Tour 2023 Stage 2 is coming very soon! Trackmania Grand League and Challenger League schedules have been slightly modified.

Trackmania Grand League 2023 Stage 2 will start on Saturday and Sunday May 6th-7th with two play days in a single weekend. Another Superweek will conclude the TMGL regular season on June 3rd-4th to determine who will qualify for the Playoffs.

Trackmania Challenger League will start on Wednesday & Thursday May 10th-11th with two matches played each evening. Playday 2 will follow on Saturday May 13th. Some TMCL regular playdays will take place during the week, resulting in a more intense calendar for Trackmania Esports enthusiasts!

TMGL and TMCL playoffs will be split in two weekends, on June 17th-18th & June 23rd-24th-25th! Both competitions playoffs will take place one after the other. Challenger League winner will be crowned on Saturday June 24th, and Grand League champion on Sunday June 25th!

All-Stars Championship schedule has been amended as the competition will conclude Stage 2 on July 8th-9th. Regional tournaments dates remain unchanged since the Trackmania World Tour announcement. But all Regionals will now be played with a double elimination bracket on day 1! MEA and NCSA tournaments will start Stage 2 on April 28th-29th, one week before the Grand League opening!

As a reminder, 8 teams from Trackmania Grand League will remain in the major tournament this season. Every single organization kept their players from the Stage 1 for this new phase. In the Trackmania Challenger League, Ascent (Arthaniir-Xerar) managed to qualify for the Stage 2 and will replace Exalty (link-MiQuatro).