Trackmania update & changelog – March 29th 2023

Trackmania Spring 2023 campaign is coming on April 1st, but some game improvements are already available now in-game!

150 new blocks and items, a brand-new report system, a new morphology type choice for the pilot in the garage, new Club creation page, Royal gamemode improvements, UI upgrades and different bug fixes are available now in Trackmania!

New customization tools are available now for all players. A new morphology type choice for the pilot has been added in the garage. New players will be able to select their driver morphology at the very first game launch. Speaking of the garage, you now can combine any prestige skin with a country, club or custom skin. The new Spring 2023 Prestige skin will be available together with the seasonal campaign on April 1st at 5 PM CEST.

Different UI improvements have been deployed with this new update with a fresh Matchmaking menu design, regional Ranked leaderboard available and a new Club creation page! This new page shows preview of your medias. Great news for Royal lovers, the gamemode has been improved with the “respawn abuse” fix!

Track builders will have 150 new blocks and items to play with new alternatives with holes in blocks, deco platform curves and brand-new penalty roads! Also, more than 30 new items for multilap, start, finish and specials will allow you to create many new things! Block snapping in freemapping, icon shooting in Mesh Modeler and Z-fighting when placing ground blocks have been fixed in the track editor.

Next step is the campaign release on Saturday April 1st at 5 PM CEST with 25 brand-new tracks and the latest Prestige skin to unlock! Everything mentioned in this article will be also available from day one on the consoles and cloud platforms soon!


  • 150 new blocks & items (see complete list below).
  • New report system in the menus and ingame. To report a player, go to their profile. To report a UGC (track, campaign, activities, clubs, etc.), you can press the Menu button on an Xbox controller, the Options button on a PS controller or the Menu key on your keyboard.
  • Add a morphology type choice for the pilot in the garage. The default pilot skin has been moved from the settings to this section as well. The favorite color now changes the color on the pilot.
  • Ubisoft Core Challenges have been added.
  • Add a checkbox in the garage to combine any prestige skin with a country, club or custom skin. Available only for Club Access users. There is a known issue in the Royal and Ranked pages where the combine is activated by default.
  • Fix prestige skins medals count.
  • New matchmaking menu design.
  • Display the regional Ranked leaderboard in the Ranked menu.
  • Display a message when a player leaves the squad.
  • Fix car shaking when spectating a player who is respawning at a launched checkpoint.
  • Fix respawn abuse issue in Royal game mode (need a server update). Because of this, bots will need new replays to work correctly and this will take a few days.
  • Fix an issue where it would be impossible rejoin an ongoing Royal match.
  • Fix players sometimes missing in Ranked intro screen.
  • Fix a lighting bug on the clouds.
  • Stabilize autoexposure and bloom, especially on night setting that was underexposed.
  • Lightshapes items are more intense.
  • Increased the maximum number of items you can have installed.
  • Display button images instead of texts in the binding settings.
  • Fix ghosts not appearing in the solo scorestable.
  • Add access to the profile in the solo scorestable.
  • Add access to the author’s profile in the campaign popups.
  • Fix an issue with the medal ghosts where there wouldn’t appear on old campaigns.
  • Add access to Time Attack Cup of the Day rankings with the gamepad and to the player’s profile.
  • Display a muted icon ingame when you are muted in voice chat.
  • Fix the naming of Csongrád to Csongrád-Csanád (Hungary).
  • Water now cleans dirt from the body of the car
  • Fix lap count hidden behind UI in Track Review
  • Fix quads behind trophies in server leaderboards.
  • Fix an issue where playing offline the current official campaign would require Club access.
  • Fix trigram on cars not appearing in Hotseat mode with some languages.
  • Fix an issue with ghosts that would multiply at the end of the race.
  • Fix blinking focus in multiple scrolls.
  • Add a setting to display the FPS counter in real time (same as ctrl+F11 shortcut).
  • Add new volume settings to better separate UI sounds, effects and music.
  • Credits have been updated.


  • Improve visibility of text in Royal and in the special block helper.
  • Add double respawn helper ingame.
  • Add a toggle mode for accelerating and breaking in the settings for accessibility.
  • Add “invert steering axis” in the settings for better accessibility.
  • Add Speech To Text in the menus. Due to technical limitations, this is only available in the US. The voice chat audio will be disabled and transcribed in the menus. Soon it will be transcribed ingame too.
  • Fix multiple issues with Text to Speech in the menus.
  • Improve visibility of the ingame UI timer.

Track Editors

  • Fix block snapping in freemapping where sometimes clips wouldn’t get removed and where sometimes blocks wouldn’t snap at all.
  • Fix icon shooting for items (Mesh Modeler) and macroblocks.
  • Fix Z-fighting when placing ground blocks.
  • Add new macroblocks for the gamepad editor including podiums.
  • Add possibility to color blocks in the gamepad editor.
  • Added shadow calculation button in gamepad editor.
  • Fix game crash in gamepad editor when undoing a large macroblock.
  • Fix block picker when block menu is hidden.


  • New Club creation page! The page now shows preview of your media in the page.
  • Add favorite button in Track Uploads activities.
  • Fix creation of campaign with clouded tracks and local tracks.
  • Fix club rooms switching out maps causes mode settings to reset to defaults.
  • Fix an issue where the player would lose its club tag and club pinned when entering map review, skin or items collection club activities.
  • Due to server load, rooms are now limited to 100 tracks. If your room had more, we removed them.


  • Fix ability for player 2 to unpause in Split Screen.
  • Fix player 2 taking over player 1 if player 1’s gamepad disconnects in Split Screen.
  • Fix countdown in SplitScreen being synced to only player 1.
  • Fix display of prestige skin gains in Split Screen.
  • Fix particle animations for player 2 in Split Screen.
  • Fix display of names in SplitScreen so you can differentiate between player 1 and player 2.

150 new blocks & items

  • Items for multilap, start, finish and specials (31 blocks)
  • Trackwall tilt curve out (4 blocks)
  • Stand in Decowall (5 blocks)
  • Deco platform curves Flat (21 blocks)
  • Holes in blocks (28 blocks)
  • Penalty roads (45 blocks)