The Winter 2023 campaign is out!

The latest Trackmania campaign is available now with 25 new tracks featuring the latest blocks & items! Prestige skins are also unlockable from now on!

Winter has arrived in Trackmania with the brand-new official campaign. The Winter 2023 campaign has a very special atmosphere, using the 290+ new blocks and items released on December 14th.

Discover 25 new tracks and earn 100 new medals, which will allow you to unlock the Winter 2023 prestige skin! Alongside this very first Seasonal Prestige Skin, you can also unlock Ranked & Royal Prestige skins from now on. More information about prestige skin with this article.

You will receive trophies according to your final position on the global leaderboard of the previous season. Trophies will also be given according to your seasonal rank in the Ranked 3v3 mode.

Congratulations to all players who played the Fall 2022 campaign. We are glad to crown a 10th different winner in as many campaigns available. Hobbit was the strongest player on the previous 25 tracks and wins a rare trophy 9! Will we see an 11th different winner this season?

Happy new year & have fun on Trackmania!