Trackmania Grand League 2023 teams introduction

8 teams will take part to the Trackmania Grand League in 2023, the main tournament of the Trackmania World Tour. Each team will be composed of two players and a dedicated streamer.

2023 is a year of major changes for Trackmania Esports with the introduction of the annual Trackmania World Tour (TMWT) and a brand-new team format with two versus two matches in every TMWT league and related tournaments. 8 teams will take part to the TMGL, let’s discover them.

Solary is well-known in the Trackmania scene, as they are here from the very beginning of the Trackmania Grand League in early 2019. Solary already won different major tournaments in Trackmania and the French organization based in Tours is the most experienced team of the field.

Into The Breach is a professional esports organization based in London. Their history in Trackmania is quite recent but already successful as they joined the game in May 2022 and grabbed a fantastic 2nd place at the Trackmania Grand League World Cup this summer.

The popular French organization Karmine Corp joined Trackmania two years ago and is ready for a new year. The Blue Wall lead by Kameto will be part of the Trackmania World Tour 2023 with a two-player line-up for the upcoming Trackmania Grand League.

Founded in 2019, SINNERS Esport had the purpose of establishing one of the first professional esports teams with talents from Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Czech team joined Trackmania in March 2022, with a Grand League and a World Cup participation.

Team BDS is the most prestigious esports organization in Switzerland by being involved in several competitive games. They joined Trackmania two years ago and are truly engaged in the esports scene as well as the content creation.

Berlin International Gaming is a leader of the scene, competing with the international elite in different games. BIG is also the most experienced TMGL team as they joined Trackmania in early 2018.

Founded in 2013, Alliance is the oldest esports organization involved in the upcoming Trackmania World Tour. The Swedish team will celebrate their 10 years in 2023 and is part for the Trackmania competitive scene as well as the content creation for 3 years.

Please welcome a new professional esports organization to Trackmania: Gamers First. Based in the United States of America, Gamers First is an emerging actor in the American esports scene on different competitive games.

The transfers window is now opened, and will be closed December 16th. All remaining details about the Trackmania World Tour shall be announced in November.