Free “Cup Of The Day” weekend on Trackmania

We are very pleased to launch for the first time a free COTD weekend on Trackmania!

From Friday, the 8th of July (6:30PM CEST) to Monday, the 11th of July (6:55PM CEST), all players will be able to access for free the exclusive Track Of The Day online servers and Cup Of The Day content, usually reserved to premium accesses, which highlight the amazing tracks created by the players for the players. Both content allow to enrich one’s medals collection, earn new trophies and climb the worldwide rankings.

IMPORTANT: if you have your game running before 6:30PM CEST, make sure to relaunch it in order to activate the Free Weekend.

What is the Cup of the Day?

Cup of the Day is a one-hour daily competition that players can register for by joining the live Track of the Day server when the competition starts, and participate in a 15 minute Time Attack phase, after which you are sent to a match server to compete against players of your skill level in the knockout mode.

In Knockout mode, the last player(s) to cross the finish line each round are eliminated, and when eliminated, you are ranked and awarded trophies according to your performance. The last person standing will be crowned winner of their match.

Each match server has up to 64 players competing, who qualified according to their Time Attack phase results.

When can I play the Cup of the Day?

Cup of the Day now features 3 times a day at 8-hour intervals, played on the current Track of the Day.

The main event is at 7PM CEST, or 5PM UTC, when the new Track of the Day is revealed. You also have the option to compete at 3AM CEST and 11AM CEST, or 1AM UTC/9AM UTC respectively.

Earn trophies

Participating in a Cup Of The Day allows you to earn trophies.

The events at 3AM CEST and 11AM CEST allow you to practice as much as you like before registering, as the Track Of The Day is available 8 hours before, at the start of the main event. As such, their Trophy rewards have been reduced by half.

7PM CEST COTD gains are full. 

Everything you should to know ab​out earning trophies with the Cup Of The Day is available here.

Have fun!