Mudda wins the TMGL Spring 2022 regular season

Mudda dominated the TMGL Superweek to win the regular season with 3 Champion medals. Affi and Pac secured a spot into the Final with their first Champion medal.

Nobody was able to stop Mudda who won his 10 matches in the TMGL Superweek! The Australian player added two Champion medals to his mark and dominates the final ranking with 3 Champion, 2 Gold and a silver medal.

Mudda is the only player who was able to grab several Champion medals. Only 12 Champion medals were available this season, but 10 different players managed to reach a Championship Week top 2!

Behind the unbeatable Mudda, CarlJr is back in Final. The Canadian superstar is 2nd and beats his friend and former teammate bren.

The newcomer mime is 4th and becomes the first Polish player to reach the TMGL playoffs. Last season runner up Affi is 5th and qualified himself for The Final at the very end of the season, beating Papou on the line to take his first Champion medal.

Pac (6th) also secured his Final spot this week, winning his Champion medal in Championship Week 5. The running TMGL champion is tied with Aurel, while Kappa is the last player directly qualified in the Final.

Massa (9th) and Otaaaq (10th) are out of the top 8 despite their Champion medal. They will face Papou (11th) and GranaDy (12th) in the Final Chance for the last Final spot available!

Binkss (13th), Scrapie (14th) and Gwen (15th) will face the top TMGL: Challenger players to keep their spots in the Grand League circuit.

Spam is automatically demoted and will be replaced by the TMGL:C Final winner. The 2012 World Champion was part of the Grand League family from the very beginning. He took 3rd place in Beta Regular Season and finished 5-6th in Winter 2020 season.

Final Chance will be played on Sunday April 17 while The Final will take place on Sunday April 24!