The Spring 2022 campaign is out!

The new Trackmania Spring Campaign is out! Play on 25 new tracks available now for free.

This Spring 2022 campaign is the 8th seasonal campaign in Trackmania. Enjoy 25 new tracks and earn 100 new medals for free. All these new maps are also available in the Ranked 3v3 mode! In addition to this new campaign, more than 130 new blocks and items are available in today’s update!

If you have Standard or Club access, all the previous campaigns are still playable, amounting to a total of 175 additional maps and 700 additional medals!

The competition throughout Winter 2022 campaign has been close and we have a 7th unique winner: DexteR! Congratulations to all participants who played the previous campaign. You will receive trophies according to your final position on the global leaderboard. Trophies will also be credited according to your rank in the Ranked 3v3 mode.

New community maps every day with the Track Of The Day

If you want to discover the best maps built by the community, give the Track Of The Day activity a try! An extraordinary new map built by a community member is released every day at 7 PM CEST. This is a great opportunity to play Trackmania like never before in fully custom created environments by players like space, valleys, mountains, desert or futuristic landscapes.

These same tracks of the day are also the playground of the famous daily competition in Trackmania: The Cup of the Day. Join the server at 7pm (CEST), 3am (CEST) and 11am (CEST). Playing the COTD will allow you to climb more steps in the global ranking and earn more trophies.

Trackmania Grand League: the pinnacle of esport on Trackmania

Trackmania Grand League Spring 2022 season is currently in progress. 2 Championship Weeks left before the end of the regular season! The 16 world’s best Trackmania players are facing each other each Sunday at 8 PM CEST. The Final will take place on Sunday April 24th! Support your favorite player with their own dedicated stream on Twitch.

If you like competing, you also can try your chance and play against drivers from all over the world with the Trackmania Grand League: Open! The last Open Qualifier will take place this Saturday April 2nd at 8 PM CEST.