Kappa and mime earn their first Champion medal!

Kappa from Sinners Esports and mime won their first Champion medal of the season. Both players secured a top 6 spot in the general ranking.

3 weeks, 6 Champion medals with 6 unique owners. mime is the first player of the week to have grabbed a Champion medal on the newest track: TinyGap.

The Polish rookie is leading the TMGL season, tied with 3 players: Aurel, bren and Mudda. All four players have a Champion, Gold and Silver medal in their bag. The first half of this season couldn’t be closer!

Kappa is the other player who took a Champion medal this week. The Czech athlete from Sinners did an amazing move as he was closing the leaderboards with a single Bronze medal. Kappa is now 6th, just behind Massa (1 Champion and 2 Bronze medals).

CarlJr and GranaDy were defeated in this week’s final. They both add a 3rd Gold medal to their mark. Hard week for Papou (9th) who adds a Bronze medal to his two Gold ones.

Binkss and Affi are tied at 10th place, in front of Gwen and Scrapie who are tied at rank 12. Newcomer Otaaaq is 14th while former World Champions Pac and Spam are 15th and 16th. Both players only grabbed a single medal after 3 weeks.

This week marks the end of the first half of the season. Only 3 weeks to go before the end of the regular season, 6 Champion medals are yet to be earned!

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