Mudda and Aurel grab Champion medal, bren keeps the lead

Mudda and Aurel both win their first Champion Medal in TMGL Championship Week 2.

The last match of the day was one of the closest matches in Trackmania Grand League history! Aurel quickly won two rounds to unlock finalist status, but Mudda was the first player to secure a Champion Medal. Very strong on Clock Tower, Aurel ultimately grabbed his first Champion Medal as well, beating Papou and bren in a 3 finalists round.

This is the first match lost for the Karmine Corp athlete (9-1) who is currently leading the standings. Aurel and Mudda are tied followed by Massa, who collected a Bronze Medal this week, in 4th.

Papou, CarlJr and Granady all have 2 Gold Medals in their bag, mime is 8th. Scrapie, Binkss and Affi are currently out of the qualifying top 8 with a Silver and a Bronze medal.

Running champion Pac and newcomer Otaaaq both grabbed their first medal of the season, a Silver one. They are tied in 12th place.

New disappointment for Gwen, 14th in the ranking, who now has 2 Bronze Medals. Two former World Champions complete the leaderboards: Spam and Kappa who both weren’t able to collect a new medal this week.

Two new maps will make their first appearance for the upcoming Championship Week 3 (next Sunday at 8 PM CET): Speed Up and TinyGap!