Trackmania Grand League: Challenger preview

Trackmania Grand League: Challenger Spring 2022 is about to start with 16 very talented drivers sharing one goal: climb into the Trackmania Grand League for the next season!

It’s very hard to predict who will be the strongest Trackmania Grand League: Challenger (TMGL:C) players this year. The TMGL:C is back this year after a successful first season dominated by mime and Otaaaq who now are competing in the Trackmania Grand League.

7 of the 16 drivers didn’t play the last TMGL:C season. tween has been demoted from the TMGL, and the Slovakian wants to be back at the top level. The Slovakian is joined by 6 players from the Trackmania Grand League: Open: Dark, Ener, Micka, Sapi, Skandear and TheDarkWix. All these players are very motivated to show that they can compete with players who already have TMGL/TMGL:C season experience.

In addition to tween, there are two other players who already competed in TMGL in the past seasons: evoN and link. These two players have a lot of experience in the Grand League circuit and might be dominant with the new TMGL:C format.

Dofault, Haëdra, MiQuatro, Razii, Snow, Soulja and Wosile never played at the highest level, but all of them are able to fight for the Champion medals! Haëdra and Soulja both played head-to-head against TMGL players in the previous seasons, Dofault, MiQuatro and Soulja played the last World Cup, while Razii, Snow and Wosile have been very fast and consistent in the previous TMGL:C/O seasons.

The first Championship Week will take place this Saturday from 5 PM CET! Don’t miss it with many livestreams, including Wirtual (English language) and Wingobear (French language) with a global coverage!