Tune in for the start of the TMGL Spring Season on March 6 

The top 16 players in the world are on the starting line ready to race their way to the title of Spring 2022 Champion and a share of the 20000€ total prize pool 

The 2022 Trackmania® Grand League (TMGL) Spring season will kick off on March 6. After claiming the title of Fall 2021 Champion last year, Pac and MNM Gaming will be putting their title on the line as the top 16 players around the world gather to compete online every Sunday from March 6 to April 10. The Final will take place on April 24 and crown the TMGL Spring 2022 Champion.  

Since the game’s very first competitions in 2006, Trackmania has been growing over the years and building a thriving competitive ecosystem for both highly skilled professional players and the community at large, reaching over 1 million hours watched worldwide on Twitch and YouTube throughout the 2020-2021 season of the Trackmania Grand League.  

Building upon last year’s learnings and successes, Ubisoft is kicking off the Trackmania Grand League 2022 season with an improved and even more dynamic competitive format, and a robust and accessible esports circuit for fans and professional players to enjoy.

During the regular season, players will compete every Sunday in a 1v1v1v1 format and play 5 matches per playday. Each player will be ranked at the end of each match based on their performance and move on to the next match against equally ranked players from the other matches. After the last playday of the Spring season, the top 8 ranked players will qualify for the Final, while the runners up will fight for the last remaining spot for the Final during the Final Chance qualifier.  

The TMGL will run at the following dates, with each Championship Week starting at 8PM CET:  

  • Championship Week 1: Sunday, March 6. 
  • Championship Week 2: Sunday, March 13. 
  • Championship Week 3: Sunday, March 20. 
  • Championship Week 4: Sunday, March 27. 
  • Championship Week 5: Sunday, April 3.  
  • Championship Week 6: Sunday, April 10. 
  • The Final Chance: Sunday, April 17.  
  • The Final: Sunday, April 24. 

As for previous editions, fans can tune in on the streams set up by their favorite competing teams to watch and support their favorite players race every week: 

  • Affi (Team BDS) 
  • Aurel (Gamingprive.com) 
  • Binkss (IziDream) 
  • bren (Karmine Corp) 
  • CarlJr. (Solary) 
  • GranaDy (Alternate aTTaX) 
  • Gwen (GameWard) 
  • Kappa (To Be Announced) 
  • Massa (BIG) 
  • mime (Orgless) 
  • Mudda (Edelweiss) 
  • Otaaaq (Lille Esport) 
  • Pac (MNM Gaming) 
  • Papou (GamersOrigin) 
  • Scrapie (Sprout) 
  • Spam (Alliance) 

Fostering a true “Zero to Hero” philosophy, where players embark on a path to pro from the ground up with hopes of reaching the biggest competitions, the Trackmania Grand League will also feature two other competitions running in parallel of the main circuit.

The Trackmania Grand League Challenger: on the same dates as the Trackmania Grand League, 16 contenders will race to the finish line in the Trackmania Grand League Challenger, following the same format as the main competition, looking to qualify for the next season of Trackmania Grand League.  

The Trackmania Grand League Open:  at the same time, players interested in competitive play can also start their esports journey on Trackmania by signing up to the 4 open qualifiers of the Trackmania Grand League. The top 4 players from each Qualifier will compete in the TMGL: Open Final, for a chance to accede to the next TMGL: Challenger.

The 4 open qualifiers will be held on:  

  • Open Qualifier 1: Saturday, March 12th  
  • Open Qualifier 2: Saturday, March 19th  
  • Open Qualifier 3: Saturday, March 26th  
  • Open Qualifier 4: Saturday, April 2nd  

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