What’s new in 2022?

The Trackmania Grand League will start a new era with a completely new format. 1v1v1v1 matches will be the new Grand League standard from the Spring 2022 season.

Many matches at high intensity

1v1v1v1 matches will replace the current format. Each driver will play 5 matches every week. To win a match, a player needs to be the first person to win 3 rounds. The weekly ranking will be done after all 5 matches.

Fast-paced rounds

The 6-lap maps era is now over, and from now on all Trackmania Grand League maps will be classical start-finish tracks around 1 minute long.

Easy to understand format

All matches from every single week will be played under the same format. No multiplier, no point loss, a player needs to win 3 rounds to finish their match. Only one map per match, a new map on each match.

First two tracks will be seeding matches, while tracks 3 to 5 are Up & Down matches. Find more information in the rulebook.

Additional information about the TMGL

The regular season is back to a 6 week-long format, from March 6th to April 10th. The Final will take place on April 24th.

With new rules, the World Cup Qualification changes. Pac, Affi (Fall 2021 Final 2) and CarlJr (World Cup 2021 winner) are already qualified for the 2022 edition. Players who will reach the Final 2 (not including the 3 players mentioned above) and the 3 best players of the regular season will be qualified aswell for the Trackmania Grand League World Cup 2022.

Same rules for the TMGL: Challenger

The TMGL: Challenger will be back for a second edition. The Spring 2022 season will be played with the exact same rules as the TMGL. The schedule remains the same as the TMGL, but will now start at 5 PM CET.

Big changes for the TMGL: Open

1v1v1v1 format will be the new standard for the TMGL: Open as well. 4 different tournaments will be held throughout the season. Top 4 players of each tournament will be qualified for the final.

A TMGL: Open tournament is divided into 2 different parts. The Time Attack phase where every player can take part in. Top 64 players qualify for the bracket phase which is played with 1v1v1v1 matches and 4 rounds to win to qualify for the next step.

TMGL Invitation Event on 29th-30th of January

This new format will be shown at the TMGL Invitational Event which will take place on 29th-30th of January with 32 players!

For more information about the new format, everything is in the new rulebook!

If you have any question we are hosting an Ask Us Anything on Discord. Omar ‘softyB’ Benabdallah, our Esport manager will answer to your questions!