Pac is the Trackmania Grand League Fall 2021 champion!

Pac from MNM wins his first Trackmania Grand League crown. The Englishman beat Affi in the Final 2.

It was a very exciting final once again. With the 9 best players of the regular season, this final was very intense with many close fights.

At the end, Pac (MNM) is your TMGL Fall 2021 champion. The 2016 World Champion managed to defeat Affi in the Final 2 (3-1). This is the first TMGL title for Pac, who is the 3rd Grand League champion after Kappa (Beta season) and CarlJr (Winter 2020, Fall 2020, Winter 2021).

Affi takes the second place. The BDS player did an amazing performance all night long. He won the two first maps of the Final 4 to secure his spot into the last phase and showed fantastic pace.

Gwen is 3rd, failing to beat Pac in the Final 4 to join his friend Affi in the Final 2. The youngest player of the field could be disappointed, he was undoubtedly the fastest player of the finals. Gwen won 4 of the 6 first rounds in the first phase to secure a Final 6 spot, where he was also very good.

Scrapie is 4th, reaching the Final 4 for a second time in a row. The Belgian player reached the top 4 after an epic last round against Mudda and Aurel who both were under the finalist status. The players from Edelweiss and GAMINGPRIVE.COM are 5th and 6th.

This result is a miracle for Aurel who won 4 rounds in a row in Final 9 to finally beat GranaDy, Binkss and Massa. These 3 players complete the top 9 of the Trackmania Grand League Fall 2021.

To know who will be the players for the next season, don’t miss the Head-to-Head phase which will take place on January 9th. Worker will face CarlJr, and Kappa will play against tween. The loser of the first match will meet mime or Haedra from TMGL:C while Kappa or tween will face either Otaaaq or evoN.