Gwen wins Step 4 and climbs into TMGL top 8

Gwen won his first Trackmania Grand League Fall 2021 step with 340 points. Aurel who finished 3rd in Step 4, retakes the lead of the general ranking.

It was a great night for Gwen who scored more than 300 points thanks to the x5 multiplier. The young GameWard driver had a difficult season start as he was only 14th in the general ranking before the 4th step. With his great performance in Step 4, Gwen climbed to the 6th place with a total of 443 points.

At the top of the ranking, Aurel took back the first place (632 points). The Frenchman scored 156 points thanks to a x4 multiplier.

Affi climbs to 2nd place with 612 points while Massa is 3rd with 590 points. Both players activated x2 multiplier in the latest TMGL Fall 2021 step.

Previous leader GranaDy is now 4th (571), Scrapie remains 5th (451) followed by Gwen (446), Mudda (408) and Pac (368). The MNM player managed to earn a multiplier for the first time of the season and took Step 4 2nd place.

Main contenders bren (343), CarlJr (320), Papou (306), Spam (177) and Kappa (132) are currently outside of the qualifying top 8.

Only 4 steps left in the Trackmania Grand League Fall 2021 regular season! Next step will take place on Sunday November 14th at 8 PM CET!