Affi wins Step 2 and takes TMGL lead

Affi managed to win TMGL Fall 2021 Step 2 with more than 300 points. The BDS athlete also took the lead of the general ranking.

It was a perfect night for Affi who won his very first TMGL step. The Swiss player who was 3rd in Step 1, was the best player after the first 4 maps of the night and managed to win a x4 round on Vertigo for a total of 304 points. Affi took the lead of the TMGL  (448 points) ahead of Aurel who had a difficult Step 2 with 24 points only.

GranaDy and bren joined Affi on the Step podium with 150 points for both players. Thanks to this performance, the German rookie confirmed his great start of the season with a general 3rd place (366 points). On his side, bren earned a multiplier for the first time this season. He is currently 4th, tied with Mudda, with 209 points.

Papou is 6th in the ranking with 191 points thanks to a great Step 2. The Frenchman is 1 point ahead of CarlJr who didn’t manage to earn a multiplier in Step 2 while the newcomer Binkss is completing the general top 8 with 156 points.

Next step will take place on Sunday October 31st at 8 PM CET with one new map: PoolSide by Keissla!