Aurel dominates TMGL Fall 2021 Step 1!

The first TMGL Fall 2021 step concludes with Aurel in the lead. The GAMINGPRIVE.COM player already has a 199-point-lead after a dominant night!

The 16 best players were back on the Trackmania Grand League circuit with the TMGL Fall 2021 Step 1. This season marks major changes in the TMGL rules with no more points loss and a brand-new multiplier system.

Aurel from GAMINGPRIVE.COM managed to score 415 points (out of a maximum of 540) and is far   ahead of his closest competitor. The night began well for the French player as he managed to win the first map, his first map win since September 20th 2020! After the 4 first maps, Aurel was leading the scoreboard with 83 points. On the last map, the 23-year-old Frenchman managed to win the very last round and activate the x5 multiplier to lock in a total of 415 points!

Aurel has a 199-point-lead on GranaDy, who takes second place with 216 points for this very first Grand League step. The German driver activated a x3 multiplier by winning a round for 29 thousandths of a second over Affi.

Affi is completing the Step 1 podium with 144 points. Map 5 was tough for the Team BDS athlete who crashed twice in the last part of the track in the 4 first rounds but Affi finally managed to triple his points with a round 6 win.

CarlJr and Mudda are the two last players with over 100 points. Both players finished the step with 128 points. CarlJr won the first multiplier round and doubled his initial score while Mudda dominated Round 7 to activate a x4 multiplier.

Newcomer Binkss and both experienced drivers Papou & Pac are completing the top 8.

See you next Sunday at 8 PM CEST for TMGL Step 2! Meanwhile, TMGL Weekly Show will be hosted by GGeek & SinasAppel on Wednesday October 20th with Step 1 highlights, Aurel, Affi & GranaDy’s interviews and Step 2 presentation!