How to watch the Trackmania Grand League?

The Trackmania Grand League is back with the Fall 2021 season. Many streams are available this year in 3 different languages: English, French and German.

This is a Trackmania Grand League tradition: each organization sets up its own livestream on Twitch. 14 team streams and an English Global Stream held by Wirtual are available this season. You can find all the streams on this page.

French streams are the most represented ones with 7 different organizations: with Team BDS, GamersOrigin, GameWard, IziDream, Karmine Corp, Lille Esport and Solary.

GAMINGPRIVE.COM sets up an English broadcast this year, as well as Alliance, Edelweiss, McLaren Shadow, MNM and Wirtual’s Global Stream on his own Twitch Channel.

There will be a second German speaking stream this year with Alternate aTTaX’s broadcast which join BIG’s one.

Also, the TMGL Weekly Show will make its first appearance on Wednesday, October 20th on with the best moments of the week, and interviews of your favorite players.

Cheer on your favorite player on Twitch

The cheer system has evolved! You now can cheer on your favorite player directly on Twitch with a brand-new Twitch extension. Each cheer is counted in-game and all players can see your support!