Trackmania Grand League Fall 2021 is about to start

Trackmania Grand League Fall 2021 season will begin this Sunday, October 17th with the 16 worlds’ best Trackmania players.

The Trackmania Grand league is back for a new season. 16 players will take part in this prestigious competition with one goal: to be crowned champion on December 19th!

CarlJr is the man to beat this season. The Canadian is coming off a perfect year as he won both previous TMGL Fall 2020 and Winter 2021 seasons, but he is also the reigning World Champion.

Once again this year, you will be able to follow the competition through the different streams set up by your favorite team and support your champion live on Twitch, each Sunday at 8:00 PM CE(S)T. 14 team casts (with English, French and German languages available) and a Global Stream will be available each TMGL Step.

You also can try your chance at the Trackmania Grand League: Open and play the same tracks as your favorite players. A new format more accessible to all players has been deployed for this TMGL: Open 2021-2022. Step 1 will take place on Saturday, October 23rd and will continue every Saturday at 6 PM CE(S)T.

Finally, a brand-new competition is born. The Trackmania Grand League: Challenger! 16 very high-level players will fight each other throughout the season to hope to climb the ladder and join the TMGL Spring 2022! This competition will be played two hours earlier than the TMGL, Step 1 will take place on Sunday, October 17th at 6 PM CEST and will be broadcasted at