Trackmania Grand League: Challenger players list revealed

16 players will compete throughout the season for the very first edition of the Trackmania Grand League: Challenger. Discover who will take part to this Fall 2021 edition.

  • Tanguy ‘Cap’ Renaud, 26 years old, France, Team Oplon

Cap is one of the most experienced players of the grid. The Frenchman had participated in the BETA season of the Trackmania Grand League and took the 9th place. Last season the Oplon driver finished 10th in the Open Grand League.

  • Aurélien ‘Dofault’ Desplanque, 21 years old, Belgium, BS+ COMPETITION

The Open Grand League Winter 2021 winner Dofault is obviously one of the men to watch in this TMGLC season. 2021 is an amazing year for the BS+ COMPETITION athlete who won the OGL, participated to the TMGLWC and finished 2nd in the ZrT Trackmania Cup.

  • Marcin ‘evoN’ Szura, 19 years old, Poland, Orgless

After three TMGL seasons, evoN is now competing in the Challenger division. The young Polish driver had a difficult Winter 2021 season but he quickly moved on with a beautiful 9th place in the Trackmania Grand League World Cup.

  • Pierre ‘Haëdra’ Leloup, 21 years old, France, MTP Esport

Always present since the creation of the Open Grand League, Haëdra has a lot of experience with the Grand League circuit. In Winter 2021 edition, the MTP Esport player finished 17th with a lot of consistency throughout the season.

  • Mathieu ‘link’ Oudeville, 26 years old, France, Grizi Esport

link is one of the 4 TMGLC players who already has a Grand League experience. After a tough Winter season, link and Grizi Esport will try to bounce back in the Challenger division. At 26 years old, the Frenchman is oldest player of the field and has a huge experience in Trackmania!

  • Hubert ‘mime’ Dziedzic, 19 years old, Poland, Tauro

mime is one of the revelations of the Trackmania competitive scene for a few months. The young Polish driver nearly qualified himself for the Trackmania Grand League World Cup 2021 and is currently leading the Summer 2021 campaign!

  • Mikael ‘MiQuatro’ Jäppilä, 25 years old, Finland, Orgless

Former tech specialist, MiQuatro is now very fast on all surfaces. The Finnish athlete was 4th in the last OGL edition and managed to qualify for the TMGLWC (his second World Cup appearance) few months later.

  • Nick ‘Nixotica’ Walters, 21 years old, USA, Loud

For his first full Open Grand League season in Winter 2021, Nixotica managed to secure a final spot with his 20th place. The American driver also took the 3rd place in the Trackmania American Open few weeks ago.

  • Florian ‘NRGZ’ Coubard, 22 years old, France, beGenius ESC

NRGZ was the best beGenius player in the last OGL season with a beautiful 8th place and he is promoted in the Challenger division this season. At 22, NRGZ continues to step up his pace and his regularity over time.

  • Youen ‘Otaaaq’ Egler, 16 years old, France, Lille Esport

Otaaaq is the youngest player in the TMGLC and the least experienced of the field. He took the 7th place in the last OGL season and managed to win Step 6. Otaaaq could be one of the strongest men in the Challenger division!

  • Eric ‘Phegley’ Phegley, 21 years old, USA, Orgless

Phegley has not a lot of experience in the competitive scene, but the American driver is improving exponentially lately. 90th in OGL Fall 2020, he finished 27th in Winter 2021 season and 2nd just behind CarlJr in the Trackmania American Open!

  • Robert ‘Razii’ Čupković, 25 years old, Croatia, Loud

Razii is the Open Grand League Winter 2021 runner up and managed to win Step 5. He is improving his mark in each edition as he finished 10th in Winter 2020 and 9th in Fall 2020.

  • Finn ‘Revolution’ Bucklers, 25 years old, Germany, Loud

Revolution is the third Loud player in the Challenger division! The German driver already participated to the Trackmania Grand League with the Winter 2020 edition where he finished 13th. One year later, Revolution took the 5th place in the OGL and is now playing in Challenger.

  • Mathieu ‘Snow’ Barthelemy, 22 years old, France, BS+ COMPETITION

Some months ago, Snow and Dofault were plating together for the ZrT TM Cup, but they will be opponent for this TMGLC. 9th in the OGL Winter 2021 regular season, Snow managed to qualify himself for the Super Final and finally finished 8th.

  • Alister ‘Soulja’ Adutwum, 24 years old, Belgium, orKs GP Numelops

Soulja is the only player who played the Head-to-Head phase who will be in the Challenger division. The Belgian athlete showed an impressive pace since the beginning of the year and managed to secure a 13th place at the World Cup.

  • Yohan ‘Wosile’ Moren, 18 years old, France, GameWard

Wosile has shown a lot of regularity in the three last Open Grand League editions as he always finished in the top 20. Lately, he took the 2nd place in the BIG Volvic Charity Race and the GameWard driver is also the TMFL season 1 champion.

First Trackmania Grand League: Challenger step will take place on Sunday October 17th at 6 PM CEST!