What is the Super Royal mode?

The Super Royal mode has been available for some weeks now in Trackmania. This new game mode is similar as the Cup of the Day and adapted to the specific Royal mode.

Three timeslots are available during the day: 8 PM CEST, 4 AM CEST and 12 PM CEST. The Super Royal is using the traditional Royal game rules with 20 teams of 3 players per server, 5 maps to play, 2’30 per map and eliminated teams after each map.

You can queue for the next competition race 15 minutes before each timeslot. If you are queued, you will automatically be sent into your first Super Royal match at the start of the timeslot. This first game is a placement match which will set your rank and will make you play against people with the same rank in the following game(s):

  • Top 3 teams are Master rank
  • Top 4-6 are Gold
  • Top 7-9 are Silver
  • Top 9-12 are Bronze
  • Top 13-20 are eliminated

Be careful: you need to wait until the end of the Royal game to be sent into your next match from the menu. For example, if you finished 11th in your placement game, you need to wait until the end of the 5 maps of the ongoing game to join your next match against people with a bronze rank. Also, if you leave your game, you will not be able to rejoin it and you need to wait until the end of it in the menus before being able to join your following match.

After the placement match, you will be sent to your Super Royal game. If there are 20 teams qualified or less in your rank, this will be the Super Royal final. If there are more than 20 teams, all squads with the same rank as you will be split into different servers. Top 3 from each server will qualify for the final phase and the winner of this final will be the Super Royal champion!

A Super Royal victory in your rank will give you a select number of Royal wins according to your Super Royal rank:

  • Master victory = 10 Royal wins
  • Gold victory = 5 Royal wins
  • Silver victory = 4 Royal wins
  • Bronze victory = 3 Royal wins

Good luck & have fun!