The Summer 2021 Campaign is out!

The new Trackmania Summer Campaign is out! Play on 25 new tracks available now for free.

The sun is back. How to better celebrate summer than by releasing a new Trackmania campaign? Enjoy 25 new tracks and earn 100 new medals for free! You can also play these maps in the Ranked 3V3 mode, where you can now group up with friends.

This summer is also the occasion to enjoy the new Royal mode, and the new physics and innovations recently added to the game: Water, Plastic Blocks & Animated items!

If you have Standard or Club access, all of the previous campaigns are still playable, which represents 100 additional maps and 400 additional medals!

The competition in the Spring 2021 campaign has been particularly tough, congratulations to all participants! You will receive trophies according to your final position on the global leaderboards.

It was close until the last moment, but Erizel finally won this campaign, special congratulations to him! He wins a rare Trophy 9!

See you on the tracks.