Trackmania World Cup Group Stage is just around the corner!

The main stage of the Trackmania Grand League World Cup is starting this weekend with the group stage phase. 16 players will face each other on Saturday 26th & Sunday 27th June but only 8 of them will qualify for the playoffs!

4 weeks ago, 8 players qualified for the World Cup through the Open Qualifier and joined the 8 best TMGL players of the two previous seasons already qualified for the TMGLWC21 main stage. This weekend, we will start the big part of the competition with the group stage phase.

Each driver will play 6 rounds in Cup game mode. The 3 first rounds will be played on Saturday from 7 PM to 10 PM CEST, and the 3 last rounds on the following day at the same hour. At the end of these 6 rounds, the top 8 players will be qualified for the Playoffs on July 4th!

Two new maps are added in the map-pool from the group stage phase: Zazigzag (built by Zazimut) & TurboStairs (by Deska). These two maps were revealed to players on May 30th and will be played for the very first time in the TMGL circuit. Each match will be preceded by a pick & ban phase.

The group stage will be covered by Medic & Wirtual on Trackmania’s Twitch channel, but you will also be able to support your favorite player with the traditional TMGL team streams.

See you on Saturday from 7 PM CEST for the Trackmania Grand League World Cup 2021 group stage!