The Open Qualifier is over. Brace yourselves for the Group Stage!

Last week, the Trackmania World Cup Open Qualifier occurred online! Dofault, Soulja, Mudda, Scrapie, Binkss, MiQuatro, Kappa and evoN successfully secured a spot into the main stage of the competition.

It was an intense weekend of competition with more than 1600 registered players. The Time Attack Seeding and 3 Cup mode matches were scheduled for the first day. Only 16 players remained for Sunday finals.

The first final was Belgium (Soulja, Dofault) against France (Carl, link). Soulja dominated the final but the Numelops player struggled to close out the match. Soulja eventually managed to qualify himself for the Group Stage on his 9th attempt with finalist status, but not before his compatriot Dofault took the opportunity to finish first.

The second game was the most awaited one with three TMGL players (Scrapie, Mudda, Bren) and the Polish rising star Mime. Against all odds, Mime was the first player to reach the finalist status but struggled a lot in the end, failing the Slalom identity several times. Mudda took this opportunity to finish in first place quickly, after which a nail-biting 3-way finalist status between Bren, Scrapie and Mime took us to a final round on Semiramis, where Scrapie qualified himself in an intense round.

Binkss dominated the third final of the weekend. The IziDream player was the only French player able to take a World Cup spot through the Open Qualifier. Behind Binkss, MiQuatro secured his slot as well, five years after his World Cup participation, beating Ener and Otaaaq.  

As expected, the reigning World Champion Kappa dominated the last final of the Open Qualifier. The McLaren Shadow athlete was the strongest man of the event and will be a serious contender in the Group Stage phase on June 26th-27th. evoN secured the very last spot for the Trackmania Grand League World Cup, beating Cap and Haedra.

Thanks to all players who participated in this event and congratulations to everyone! Thank you too for having followed the Open Qualifier on Trackmania’s Twitch channel who reached a 10k viewers peak on Sunday. Special thanks as well to casters Medic & Wirtual for covering the event. Next step: the Group Stage phase on June 26th-27th with the 16 best Trackmania players!