Mudda: “I have what it takes to be a world champion”

Mudda impressed in his first TMGL season where the Edelweiss player finished 4th. OGL Fall 2020 winner, the Australian is one of the drivers to watch for the Trackmania World Cup 2021 Open Qualifier!

After an incredibly good first TMGL season, what is your goal for this Trackmania World Cup?

To prove to myself and my fans that I have what it takes to be a world champion. I also want to prove that my TMGL Winter 2021 Season wasn’t just a fluke.

The World Cup mappack is made up of 4 maps from the Fall 2020 season (you were the OGL champion), and 4 maps from the Winter 2021 season (your TMGL debut). Do you feel that you progressed between these two seasons?

Absolutely! You could technically still consider me a rookie; so even just the experience between seasons has been a tremendous point of improvement.  My manager and coach Phoebe also does her best to guide me from season to season and find out how to progress and unlock even more potential in me.  Even now driving these maps a little again leading up to World Cup, I feel significantly faster and consistent compared to OGL Fall 2020

The Trackmania World Cup will be played with the Cup mode. Is it a game mode you feel comfortable with?

Oh absolutely. Before the TMGL circuit, I used to be a Fullspeed player for years. In Fullspeed competitions; you push yourself in Cup mode to fight over thousandths every single round, and risk it all consistently.  My experience from that will be an asset for World Cup.

As a reminder, the Trackmania World Cup 2021 will take place in May 29th & 30th. The 8 best players of the qualifying phase will take part to the World Cup from June 26th!