Bren: light preparation, but serious contender!

Bren from Karmine Corp will take part to the Trackmania World Cup 2021 Open Qualifier. The French player will be one of the strongest players at the start of this qualifying phase. We asked him a few questions before the Open Qualifier.

The Cup mode is back for the Trackmania World Cup. Is it a game mode more suited to your style of play than the Champions mode?

I’m not sure if Cup mode suits me more than any other format, but it’s surely the most enjoyable for me! I also think I am a bit better on 1 lap versions than on 2 or 6, which could eventually help me to perform!

You finished 7th-8th at the last Trackmania World Cup in 2018. What are your expectations this year?

I am currently practicing for the ZLAN which is happening at the same time, and my focus is to perform well at the event. Hence why I am not sure of how prepared I’ll be for the World Cup Open Qualifier. Reaching the group stage would already be satisfying! If I manage to do it, I’ll try my hardest to be a solid opponent during the next steps!

8 slots are still available in the Trackmania World Cup 2021. Who do you think are the favorites to get into the groupstage?

I really don’t know who plans to participate, but I believe most TMGL players will get a spot for the groupstage as we already spent a fair amount of time on these maps. I could also see players like Soulja or GranaDy find the pace and consistency to claim a spot too, as they’ve proven to play very good in OGL.

As a reminder, the Trackmania World Cup 2021 will take place in May 29th & 30th. The 8 best players of the qualifying phase will take part to the World Cup from June 26th!