The Spring 2021 Campaign is out!

The new Trackmania Spring Campaign is out! Play on 25 new tracks available now for free.

The Winter comes to its end, it is Spring time now! New season means new Trackmania Campaign. 25 tracks and 100 medals have been added for free. These maps will also replace the current Matchmaking 3v3 maps, the new competitive mode currently in beta.

As a reminder, if you have Standard or Club access, you can still play the previous Summer, Fall and Winter maps, which represent a total of 75 tracks. Congratulations to all players who participated in the Winter Campaign! You will all receive trophies according to your final position on the global leaderboards.

Special congratulation to racehans, the champion of the Winter 2021 campaign, who deserved a rare Trophy 9 for this awesome achievement!

See you on tracks!