Update: Club items are available!

Hey everyone!

We’re pushing a new update with the following changelog:


+ Added the item collection activity in clubs. To share your collection of items, you need to place the items in zip and place the .zip in the new “ItemCollections” folder which you can found in your Trackmania folder. Then, when creating the club activity, you’ll be able to upload this zip and you can also add up to 10 images and a description in order to describe your collection. Once you have created a collection, players can add it to the map editor by simply going to the collection activity and click on “Add collection”. Once it is added, you will be able to find the club items under the item category of the map editor (the tree) under the folder “Club” (next to “Official” and “Custom”). Only the creator of the collection can then update the collection of items. If you update it, all players using the collection will receive the new version of the collection automatically when launching the map editor.
+ Static respawn (aka double respawn) at a ring checkpoint now respawns to the previously triggered spawnable checkpoint
+ Add new script API for dossard colorization
+ Add colors to the number and trigram of the back of the car: white in a classic race, orange in warmup, the color of your team in MM, red in Champion mode when you would lose points, and red in Knockout when you’re in the danger zone
+ Improve in-game video decode (WebM) performance
+ Fix scores at 0 while in warm-up in Teams game mode
+ Improve the join of rooms when the room is asleep
* Fix a bug preventing the user from selecting a map in the seasonal campaign menu
* Fix a display bug in the rankings of the events menu
* Fix a text overflow in the Cup of the Day UI

Mesh Editor and Nadeo Importer

+ Fixed various Mesh Editor crashes
+ Cleaned materials available for Mesh Editor
+ Fixed behavior when selecting material and changing the “Is Visible” parameter
+ New Lightmap algorithm for Mesh Editor made items. To benefit from it, please resave your items in the Mesh Editor
+ Fixed crashes linked to wrong UV mappings imported via Nadeo Importer and detects the issue when importing


+ Replays containing ingame and outro tracks will now automatically be merged when opened, making them easier to work with.
+ It is now possible to save your previous run with P (by default). For accounts existing before this update, please bind the key manually in the game settings.
+ Fix issue where in-game media tracker sometimes interrupted when another player left the server

For bugs reports, please use the Trackmania forums. Thanks and see you on track!