Update: Cup Of The Day & Ranked improvements

We’re pushing a new update to improve your player experience on both Cup Of The Day and the matchmaking with the following changes:

Cup Of The Day

Since the beginning of the Cup, we have noticed that some players could be placed in a division way lower than what they should have been due to joining the qualification a bit late and not being able to drive a time that would meet their skill level. That behavior usually results in having few players being way faster than the others and impacting the quality of the cup. We decided to reduce the amount of time to drive your first time on the map to 10 minutes (15 minutes before the change), but the total Time Attack phase still last 15 minutes. If you fail to drive a time during the first 10 minutes, your qualification time won’t be effective.

+ Removed register button, only a time is required
+ Removed hidden state of settings of KO mode: S_EliminatedPlayersNbRanks and S_RoundsWithoutElimination
+ Added possibility to have multiple maps in the Knockout mode
+ Added 321Go at the first round of the KO phase
+ Added a decal on the road of the map according to your match


+ Fixed display of buttons in the menu
+ Players only spawn at the start of the round in case of leaving and add a better explanation of the mode in the menu
+ Fixed a bug when accepting a match that a player already declined
+ Fixed rank display issue in the end match UI
+ Fixed a crash in the menu related to the skin
+ Fixed number of players displayed in the end match score table
+ Fixed a crash in the menu with 3D skins
+ Fixed the display of the team currently winning the round in the HUD when a player left the game
+ Fixed wrong ranks with the final score table
+ Fixed wrong clan and wrong 3D marker color in the warm-up
+ Added a message when leaving a match to warn that leaving too many times might lead to a ban
+ Added a decal on the road of the map
+ Removed the sound played when wining 0 points
+ Improved the display of delta times in the live ranking
+ Added a warning that refusing multiple times might lead to a ban
+ Fixed focus of buttons when coming back from MM
+ Added access to your profile from the MM menu

We hope to see you this Sunday at 7 PM CET for the Trackmania Grand League Final!

For bugs reports, please use the Trackmania forums. Thanks and see you on track!