Step 5 – Another hugely impressive display from Pac

Second step win for Pac who reduces the gap to 41 points with CarlJr, the current Trackmania Grand League Winter 2021 leader.

This was a new show of force from Pac in TMGL Step 5! The MNM player, who already won the 3rd step with 104 points, had an impressive performance again in the penultimate step of the regular season. 2 map wins, 3 flying laps, and 94 more points to his mark. Pac is now 41 points behind CarlJr with only one step left!  Speaking of CarlJr, the Canadian scored 49 points and finished 2nd of this 5th step.

This was a great night for Bren (40 points), Massa (32 points) and Kappa (30 points). With their impressive performance Bren & Massa climbed into the overall top 8 standing. Kappa is now 10th but he is only 11 points from the 8th place.

Inside of this overall top 8, Aurel, Affi & Mudda are still occupying P3 to P5 despite mixed performances this week. Gwen lost two positions (from 6th to 8th place) after a frustrating evening where he lost 64 points on the last track.

It also was a disappointing week for Scrapie & Papou. The Lazarus player lost 31 points on the last couple of corners after being overtaken by Kappa. As for Papou, he performed well on the first 4 maps, but he finished in the bottom 8 positions on the last 2 tracks of the evening. Scrapie & Papou are currently in the 12th and 14th positions in the general ranking. This night was a real nightmare for tween who only scored 1 point and is now out of the overall top 8 for the first time this season.

Only one step left to find out who the 8 players will be to qualify for The Final. As a reminder, players from P9 to P16 will have a final shot to be part of the grand final with The Final Chance on March 13th.

See you on Sunday for the final regular season step! Everything is still possible for the bottom 8 players of the TMGL ranking!