Update: Ranked improvements

Matchmaking has been out for a few weeks now, and we’re truly happy to see how well it was received.
There are still plenty of improvements we want to do with this mode, and some of them are pushed in this update.

New features:

+ Added a flash to the Trackmania window when a match is ready
+ Added a 3D view of your car in the menu (multiple cars will be displayed when the squad feature is added)
+ Added color to the progress bar depending on the color of your rank
+ Added only the match id to the clipboard when clicking on it
+ Added the banned status. If you leave your match before the end, you will be banned from matchmaking for a certain amount of time and you will lose the double of points you would have lost

Changes & Fixes:

+ Fixed opacity in the live ranking to be able to see better the team of the players and display its own name in green
+ Updated point repartition when a player leaves the game (from 6/5/4/3/0 to 4/3/2/1/0) and display “+0” instead of nothing
+ Changed point repartition at the beginning of the round when a player leaves instead of any time in the round
+ Fixed missing players in the end match UI when they were leaving beforehand
+ Removed the join button to join the server, instead it will automatically join the server and the play button will become a join button if a match is in progress
+ Fixed an issue where the script was crashing and the match wouldn’t count the points or restart indefinitely
+ Improved some animations timing
+ Reduced waiting time when joining a server and reduce the time to accept the match to 16s instead of 30
+ Removed the “leave” button at the end of a match so you can keep chatting. It will now leave automatically after the 30s. You can still leave through the pause menu
+ Hide the MVP in the UI if there’s no MVP yet
+ Fixed translation issue with “Blue/Red won the round” message
+ Fixed an issue where the match id will not be displayed in the warm-up
+ Updated the sound when losing a rank
+ Fixed an issue where points of a match were not updated
+ Fixed the flash of the join window when coming back from a match


+ Updated race script API
+ Fixed a script crash on the map review menu page
+ Fixed a script crash in the local server page
+ Fixed a translation issue with regions in solo

For bugs reports, please use the Trackmania forums. Thanks and see you on track!