Earn trophies with the Cup of the Day mode !

Since a few weeks, a new mode is playable : the Cup of the Day. As a reminder, everyday at 7 PM (CET), you can join the Cup of the Day, which begin with a 10 min Time Attack. At the end of this phase, you will be place in a Knockout match server with other players according to your score. Here, the last player of each race is eliminated, and the winner is the last man standing. So be prepared, because there are many trophies to earn at the end !

More details about the trophies won

During the Cup of the Day, you will have two occasions to earn trophies: during the Time Attack phase, and during the Knockout phase. For the Time Attack mode it is simple: the higher you are placed, the bigger your reward will be.

Time Attack RankTrophies received
TOP 11x – Trophy 6
TOP 29x – Trophy 5
TOP 37x – Trophy 5
TOP 105x – Trophy 5
TOP 503x – Trophy 5
TOP 1001x – Trophy 5
TOP 2509x – Trophy 4
TOP 5006x – Trophy 4
TOP 10003x – Trophy 4
TOP 25001x – Trophy 4
TOP 10000+1x – Trophy 3

For the Knockout mode, it will depend of two factors: the level of your server, and your rank in the server. As a reminder, the level of your server depends of your rank in the Time Attack mode. If you finish the Time Attack mode in the Top 64 (Congratulations!), you will be place in the Server Type 1 of the Knockout mode. If you finish in the Top 10% in Time Attack, then you will be placed in a Server Type 2, and so on…

The table below summarizes the type of server you will find yourself in, and the trophies you can claim.

Knockout ModeServer Type 1 (Top 64)Server Type 2 (Top 10%)Server Type 3 (Top 25%)Server Type 4 (Top 50%)Server Type 5 (Top 100%)
TOP 11x – Trophy 76x – Trophy 63x – Trophy 67x – Trophy 54x – Trophy 5
TOP 28x – Trophy 65x – Trophy 62x – Trophy 66x – Trophy 53x – Trophy 5
TOP 37x – Trophy 64x – Trophy 61x – Trophy 65x – Trophy 52x – Trophy 5
TOP 86x – Trophy 63x – Trophy 67x – Trophy 54x – Trophy 51x – Trophy 5
TOP 322x – Trophy 69x – Trophy 53x – Trophy 59x – Trophy 46x – Trophy 4
TOP 641x – Trophy 66x – Trophy 51x – Trophy 56x – Trophy 43x – Trophy 4

So see you today at 7 PM (CET) on the Cup of the Day mode and receive great rewards. Good luck & have fun!