A global look to the new maps of the Trackmania Grand League

New season, new maps, new vision.

The Trackmania Grand League Winter 2021 Edition will start in a few weeks, but the maps have already been released. 6 maps will be played for the first step of the TMGL on the 24th of January. Then, each week, 2 new maps will replace the 2 first maps of the previous map-pack in order to give each step a fresh breeze. Every player who has Trackmania Standard or Club Access can try them Ingame.

More diversity

As for the maps themselves, we took a look at what was good and not during the Fall edition and made some changes in order to always improve upon the competition.

The first idea was to reduce the repetitive aspect of the map pool. This is why we increased the size of the mapping team from 4 to 8, as we said in our previous article. The more creators are working on the maps, the more original ideas there are.

One aspect that now characterizes TMGL maps is the “identity”. This is a particular creative section of the maps, unique compared to the others, which adds some challenge at the end of each lap. The identity principle remains for the Winter 2021 Edition.

Shorter and more aesthetic maps

We have also decided to reduce map durations. Training every week for a pool of 6 maps takes time, and we want players to have the time and motivation to train them. The point is to make sure they are ready the day of the next step.
We also want these practices to be more fun for both the player and the viewers.

New edition means new season and we sought to improve the visual aspect of the maps by adding a texture mod to the Winter season and special custom items designed by HTIMH.

Finally, there are now cameras placed at specific locations on each map. These cameras will allow us to observe the passage of players from precise angles previously unseen. Each time the player goes to this specific location of the map, the camera will change and will be positioned at a fixed angle. This will improve the quality of production, as well as the visual comfort during the streams.

We look forward to seeing you on January 24th for the start of the Trackmania Grand League and on January 30th for the beginning of the Trackmania Open Grand League season!